Policy Development

Rowan’s experience in research analysis, consultation and governance guidance has driven significant outcomes in water, health, education, agriculture, climate change adaptation and business.

Whether you are aiming to translate research outcomes into policy and drive change, or wishing to ensure governance structures and policies for sound decision making in your business or organisation, then Engage, Decide, Act is a framework for success.

Policy Development Services

  • Literature and policy reviews.
  • Policy frameworks and templates.
  • Gender, diversity and workforce development.
  • Climate change adaptation strategies.
  • Submission writing.
  • Community and stakeholder engagement.
  • Conference program development, planning and delivery.
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Evidence Based Knowledge

The effective use of evidence based knowledge grounded in a community context to influence public policy and effect change is illustrated by the Farming the Future submission and responses to parliamentary enquiries.

Representing Australian Women in Agriculture, Rowan presented evidence on the adaptation of farmers to climate change to the House of Representatives Standing Committee on Primary Industries and Resources in 2010. The outcomes of the enquiry were compiled as Farming the Future - the role of government in assisting Australian farmers to adapt to the impacts of climate change (2010).

Rowan also made a submission linking risk management and gender issues to the inquiry by the Environment and Communication References Committee, Recent Trends in and Preparedness for Extreme Weather Events (2013).

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