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Each year brings a variety of projects and roles 

  • Coming up in 2019
    • Indigo Power Ltd
      Non-executive Director and Deputy Chair  
    • Albury Wodonga Health
      Non-Executive Director, Quality and Audit and Risk Committees 
    • Goulburn Ovens TAFE
      Independent Member, Governance and Audit and Risk Committees 
    • Australian Institute of Company Directors
      Albury Wodonga Regional Committee, Chair 
  • Highlights for 2018
    • Project Facilitator
       ’AGendHER+ - Rural, Remote and Ready for Boards’ – Governance program for Australian Women in Agriculture Ltd, funded by the ‘Building Better Regions Fund’ 
    • Author
      ‘Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency in Indi – an overview March 2018’  
    • Subject Coordinator
      STA1CTS Critical Thinking with Statistics, La Trobe University, Wodonga 
    • Facilitator
      ‘Business Risk in Agriculture’ session, ‘Climate Risk in Agriculture Conference’, Farmers for Climate Action, Beechworth 
    • Facilitator
      ‘Rural Women’s Conversation Circles‘, Australian Women in Agriculture Conference, Shepparton  
  • Highlights for 2017
    • Project Facilitator
      ‘Food Mapping Wangaratta‘, Wangaratta Community Food for All Committee 
    • Co-convenor
      ‘Business Benefits of Climate Change‘ Series, with Wangaratta Sustainability Network 
    • Author
      Select Committee on Regional Development and Decentralisation – Submission for Voices for Indi  


  • Refereed Publications
    • O’Hagan, R.J. and Carnegie, P.R. (1987) Immunomanipulation of growth and body composition in farm animals. Proceedings of the Nutrition Society of Australia. 12, pp. 36-39. (80%)
    • O’Hagan, R.J. Innovative child care solutions for families in rural Australia. Rural Society (1998) 8 (3), pp. 279-280.
    • O’Hagan, R. J. (1999) Income disparities and population movements in Victoria. Australasian Journal of Regional Studies, 5 (1), pp. 87-99.
    • O’Hagan, R.J. (1999). A VAR model of shocks to the Victorian economy. Australasian Journal of Regional Studies, 5 (3), pp 279-295.
    • O’Hagan, R. J. (2001) Regional growth and convergence in Victoria. Australasian Journal of Regional Studies, 7 (3), pp 309-332.
    • O’Hagan, R.J. (2002) Book review – Globalization and Marginality in Geographical Space: Political, Economic and Social Issues of Development in the New Millenium. Australasian Journal of Regional Studies, 8(1), pp 115-118.
    • O’Hagan, R.J. (2003) Regional labour markets: Economic theory meets reality. Sustaining Regions, 3(1), pp16-24.
    • O’Hagan, R., Alston, M. and Spriggs, S. (eds) (2003) Setting the agenda for rural women: research directions. Conference Proceedings and Recommendations, Centre for Rural Social Research, Charles Sturt University, Wagga Wagga
  • Conference Presentations
    • Second International Conference for Women in Agriculture, Washington DC, June 29, 1998
      O’Hagan, R. J. Innovative child care solutions for families in rural Australia.
    • 22nd Annual Conference of Australia and New Zealand Regional Science Association International (ANZRSAI) Tanunda, September 1998
      O’Hagan, R. J. Income disparities and population movements in Victoria.
    • 23rd Annual Conference of Australia and New Zealand Regional Science Association International (ANZRSAI) Newcastle, September 1999
      O’Hagan, R.J. A VAR model of shocks to the Victorian economy.
    • Annual North American Meetings of the Regional Science Association International, Chicago, November 2000
      O’Hagan, R.J. Regional growth and the contribution of agriculture to income variability in Victoria.
    • 25th Annual Conference of the Australia and New Zealand Regional Science Association (ANZRSAI) Bendigo, October 2001 Awarded Paper of the Conference Prize, O’Hagan, R. J.
      Regional growth and convergence in Victoria
    • Climate Change – Cultural Change: Religious Responses and Responsibilities, Symposium, Centre for Theology and Ministry, Parkville, October 2011 Panel chaired by Gillian Baker with David Mitchell, Glyn Reese and Rowan O’Hagan
      Climate Change and Cultural Change – response and responsibility, challenges and successes
    • Climate Adaptation in Action 2012 Sharing knowledge to adapt, NCCARF Conference, Melbourne, 26-28 June 2012 O’Hagan, R. J., Davies, J and Baker, G.
      Building Climate Resilience from the Source: The NERSA Experience
    • National Rural Women’s Coalition Inaugural Conference, Canberra, February 2013 O’Hagan, R. J. Rural Women Rising to the Challenge of Climate Change
  • Theses
    • O’Hagan, R.J. (1990) Masters thesis Immunomanipulation of Growth in Pigs and Mice. School of Agriculture La Trobe University.
    • O’Hagan, R.J. (2001) PhD Thesis. Regional Growth and Convergence in Victoria. Institute of Land and Food Resources, University of Melbourne, available http://repository.unimelb.edu.au/10187/15402
  • Contract Publications
    • O’Hagan, R. J. (2001) Rural, regional, remote – and close to home. Graduate News, School of Graduate Studies, University of Melbourne, February, pp 6-7.
    • Program and Proceedings for the 12th Victorian Women on Farms Gathering, Beechworth, (2001) North East Women on Farms Gathering Committee
    • O’Hagan, R.J. (2003, revised 2011) Women on Farms Gathering Events Kit, Consultancy contract for the Victorian Rural Women’s Network, Department of Victorian Communities
    • Bureau of Transport and Regional Economics (2003) Regional Economics course notes for Area Consultative Committee and Department of Transport and Regional Services staff held at ANU Canberra 2003 under contract to the Institute of Regional Development, University of Western Australia
    • University of Melbourne (2004) 208-161 Financial Management for Resource Industries 1, External Study Guide, Dookie College
    • North East AgCare Inc (2005) Drought Survival and Revival in North East Darirying Communities: A Study of the Socio-Economic Impact of Drought on Dairying Communities in the Kiewa Valley and Corryong. Research contract funded by Gardiner Foundation and undertaken by Rural Training Initiatives Available: www.vtarcg.org.au
    • Towong Shire Council (2005) Towong Shire Emergency Drought Response – Principles, Strategies and Pitfalls of Emergency Management in Small Rural Communities - for Towong Shire, funded by Emergency Management Australia
    • WaterMatters (2006) WaterMatters –The Impact of Water Regulations on Community Health and Wellbeing in North East Victoria - with Janette Outram, funded by VicHealth, auspice by The Centre, Wangaratta
    • Rural Men Connect (2009) Report and Evaluation of the Forum held in Beechworth, March 18th 2009, sponsored by Goulburn Murray Hume Agcare Ltd and Upper Hume Primary Care Partnership
    • Two-Way Communication (2013) Empowering Industry: Improving two-way membership communication in peak industry bodies of the fishing and seafood industry – FRDC Project No. 2011/400 by Rural Training Initiatives Pty Ltd. Presented at Seafood Directions 2013, Port Lincoln, 27-30 October 2013
    • Telehealth Consultations in Rural Hospital Emergency Departments: Supporting best practice for junior doctors (2014) Final Report to Postgraduate Medical Council of Victoria Inc. Authors Haines, H., Dattakumar, A., O’Hagan, R., Stubbe, C. and Kealey, J.
    • Recent Trends in and Preparedness for Extreme Weather Events (2013), Inquiry by the Environment and Communication References Committee, Australian Government, Submission by O’Hagan, R. J. http://www.aph.gov.au/Parliamentary_Business/Committees/Senate/Environment_and_Communications/Completed_inquiries/2010-13/extremeweather/report/index



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