Business Capacity Building

As a small business owner and former primary producer, Rowan has an inherent understanding of the challenges of business and the development needs at the individual, business and industry level.

As an experienced company director and Fellow of the Australian Institute of Company Directors, she has expertise in the governance and management challenges of large businesses and institutions, particularly in financial and risk management.

Business Capacity Building Services

  • Organisational development and governance frameworks.
  • Benchmarking and data analysis.
  • Peer learning and networking.
  • Stakeholder consultation and engagement.
  • Leadership development.
  • Business and action plans.
  • Facilitation.
  • Risk management frameworks and strategies for climate change adaptation.
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Australian Pig Industry Benchmarking Project

The Pork CRC Australian Pig Industry Benchmarking Project, of which Rowan is the Project Manager, is a great example of enduring business capacity building based on Engage, Decide, Act.

The Benchmarking Project covers approximately 40% of the Australian pig industry from all mainland states and New Zealand. Participants gain the benefits of benchmarking through collaborative learning, improved record keeping and implementing management improvements.


"As a result of the Benchmarking, we have completely restructured our business".
"When we compared our figures, we could see exactly where we had a problem and needed to improve".
"The sessions are informative, challenging, thought-provoking and motivating".

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