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Our speciality is regional Australia – the people, the businesses, the environment and the institutions which drive our regional prosperity – collaborating with outstanding regional partners to ensure regional relevance, authenticity and the highest level of service and results.

Our approach to empowering individuals, businesses and communities to reach their potential is based on reflective social learning practice, encapsulated by Engage, Decide, Act.

It certainly isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach – it makes for diverse and interesting solutions designed to help us really help you!

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Connect with your stakeholders and understand your environment.

The Engage sphere facilitates connection with the client and stakeholders to understand their context and their needs. Framing the question(s), boundary setting, ground rules and leadership are agreed in order to construct a process for collective planning and decision making.

Activities may include consultations, workshops, focus groups and other forms of participatory engagement, as well as surveys, desktop and empirical research, data analysis and policy reviews, board evaluations and communication audits.

We need to know who we are speaking to, what their aspirations are, how a collective purpose can be established and that we have sound evidence for the next phase.


Build strong processes to analyse, evaluate, resolve and influence.

The Decide sphere takes the agreed process and evidence from Engage to inform robust decision making within an effective governance framework.

Activities may include written reports and options papers, policy documents and charters, further consultation, strategic and operational plans and commitments.


Transform knowledge and connections into growth.

The Act sphere is where positive change happens and where the connections made and the knowledge established is transformed into growth.
Activities may include implementation of strategic and operational plans, submissions to influence policy and decision makers, training and extension tools to build capacity, organisational growth and development, entrepreneurialism, advocacy and publicity campaigns, and leadership development.

Your project may fit predominantly within one sphere, or may require an integration of all three spheres to provide a holistic solution and a basis for on-going review and evaluation. 

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We offer a range of different services throughout Business Capacity Building, Research Project Management and Policy Development.

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